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NFPA 130: Our flame retardant solutions for the North American public transport market

NFPA 130: Our flame retardant solutions for the North American public transport market

Public transport regulations are increasingly stringent, and the US market is not an exception.

The NFPA 130 standard provides the regulation of the certifications necessary for a material, so that it can be used for the production of components inside US trains. NFPA 130 is divided into 3 sub-standards: ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662 and BSS 7239.

In this regard, VAMP TECH has developed three different materials with certification for NFPA 130: VAMPLEN ™ 2528 V0 CB, a compound based on PP reinforced with 25% glass fiber, UL-94 V0 and halogen free; VAMPALLOY ™ 0024 V0 12 LSFT, a compound based on PC / ABS, UL-94 V0 and halogen free; VAMPAMID ™ 6 2028 V2 / U, a compound based on PA6 reinforced with 20% glass fiber, UL-94 V2 and halogen free.

The capability to choose between compounds formulated with three different polymer bases allows you to design various components, chosen according to the needs related to the specific application (structural, aesthetic, impact-resistant parts, etc., etc.)

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